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Why Appointments

I am often asked why I have an appointment system, so let me explain why.

A barber offers a very different service to a hairdresser, a barbers customer knows that if they have booked an appointment for say 11.00am the barber will be there waiting to open the door for them and show them to their chair, no hassles, no waiting, no stress.

Unlike a hairdresser each barbers customer is given exactly what they want and how they want it and is shown each part of the tratment proces, that way any adjustments can be made to make sure of a perfect finish.

Personally I have over 40 years experience and was trained by one of the most experienced barbers in the UK I have also completed a City & Guilds Apprentice training program which lasted three years.

So to be able to offer a true Barber experience this is why I offer all customers an appointment system also a 7 day a week 8 to 8 availability so they can always be sure to be able to get the perfect haircut when they want.

if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


Adrian (Lowestoft Barbershop)

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